Energy Raters of Massachusetts is a HERS Provider that specifically caters to Independent HERS Raters working in Massachusetts.

As a HERS Provider, Energy Raters of Massachusetts will create and support many new jobs and businesses for new HERS Raters and others in the construction industry in the following ways:

  1. Be a resource for potential HERS Raters who aim to enter the business either by joining an existing MA HERS Rater Company or starting their own MA HERS Rating Company.
  2. Certify new HERS Raters through an exacting evaluation of each rater candidate’s field work and energy modeling.
  3. Provide additional training for potential HERS Raters who have not mastered all of the skills to the extent required for certification.
  4. Provide on-going Quality Assurance of HERS Raters’ field work and energy modeling.
  5. Provide on-going MA specific training for continuing education of HERS Raters.
  6. Coordinate and train and collaborate with associated professions such as builders, realtors, architects, developers, HVAC contractors, insulation contractors and building inspectors.